If you would like to fix microphone issues, please see the steps provided below.

Are you unable to record through your microphone?

Having issues talking to someone because your microphone is not working as it should be?

I have also experienced this issue. During a call, my microphone did work.

Here’s how I have fixed it:

Step 1: Check your Settings

If you have more than one devices with a microphone plugged in, please check which one is set as default. Therefore, if your device has not been set correctly, you are more likely to experience this issue.

If it has been disabled or not set as your default device, please follow the steps given below.

1. Please go to your system tray, locate the speaker icon.

2. Right-click the speaker icon

3. Select Sound

4. Right-click your microphone device

5. If it has been disabled, click enable then select Set as Default Device

Step 2: Use Windows Troubleshooter

Widows has a built-in tool that can help you repair and troubleshoot issues on your PC. Therefore, you can easily fix this issue, please follow the steps given below.

1. Please go to your start and type Troubleshoot

2. Select Troubleshoot Settings

3. Select Troubleshoot

4. Tap Recording Audio

5. Then click Run the Troubleshooter

Step 3: Check your device itself

Make sure that your device is not damaged. If your device is broken or damaged, as a result, you will experience this issue.

You can unplug your device and plug it to your other computer to check if it’s working.

Step 4: Volume Up

If you are able to record but unable to hear yourself. You might have forgotten to get that volume adjusted. Go to your system tray and adjust the volume. If your device has a volume button up, you can adjust it from there.

Step 5: Update your Device Drivers

If your device drivers are outdated or missing, you won’t be able to get your microphone to work.

Update your system drivers for, download WinZip Driver Updater now.

WinZip Driver Updater will deliver the updated drivers to your computer straight from the original manufacturers. Thus, making sure that you’ve got the correct drivers installed and prevent system issues.

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