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How to Use Windows 11 System Restore Point

If you are experiencing the following below, you can use the Windows Restore Point to get your previous settings back. The System Restore Point is…

Fix No Sound in Windows 11

Fix Sound Issues in Windows 11: If you’re using Windows 11 and looking to fix sound issues, you are in the right place. Today, I…

How to block tracking cookies on your Chrome?

For others who do not know, let’s start with, what are cookies? When you visit practically any website, it creates and keeps a cookie on…

Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows 11

Fix Black Screen Issues: The Black Screen of Death is worse than the Blue Screen of Death. Why? BSoD or Blue Screen of Death will…

How to Remove Ads on Your Firefox Browser

Ads are given when using a browser in today’s world. Whether you like the advertisements or not, they are only one of the many ways that…

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