To upgrade or not to upgrade? 

If you haven’t already heard, Microsoft is rolling out the all-new Windows 11 starting on October 5. All users with eligible PCs running Windows 10 will have free access to this new version by the 2021 holiday season.   

Here’s what you need to know about the new launch: 

1. Windows 11 has a whole new look.  

Expect refreshed colors and icons when you upgrade. This clean and fresh design isn’t just pleasing to look at— Windows 11 was built to put the most important details at your fingertips.  

The start menu is now located in the center of the toolbar (don’t worry, you can change it back if you’d like). Once you click on it, you’ll have instant access to the icons you’d expect, along with recent documents and helpful shortcuts.  

Want to move things around? No problem— you can easily rearrange and pin icons.  

2. Windows 11 will save you time.   

During a busy workday, the last thing you want to do is pull yourself away from crucial tasks to make adjustments or access information. Widgets offer quick access to the tools you care about.  

Monitor your WIFI connection and make display adjustments without missing a beat.  

3. Windows 11 will keep your PC safe.   

With the rise of malware and viruses, safely browsing the internet is no easy task. 

In the past, some of the safety features included with Windows were optional, making them easy to forget. Not anymore! 

With Windows 11, secure boot and device encryption are default to protect your PC against online attacks. 

4. Windows 11 makes multitasking a snap. 

Whether you’re working from a laptop or with dual monitors, screen real estate is essential. Windows 11 offers a variety of tools that make multitasking effortless.   

Snap Groups and Snap Layouts will become your new productivity secret weapons. Group all of the windows and apps you’re using in a few simple clicks and decide how they will display on your screen.  

Need to switch tasks? You can minimize groups for fast access throughout the day. Snap also lets you move seamlessly from monitor to PC, keeping your groups intact.  

5. Windows 11 connects you to all of your favorite games and apps.  

Take the fun with you wherever you go with a new and improved Microsoft Store. Access all your favorite games and apps across devices, including third-party and Android apps.  

6. Windows 11 makes it easy to stay connected at work. 

One of the most significant changes in Windows 11 is including Microsoft Teams Chat directly into its operating system.  

Connect with members of your team instantly throughout the day from your taskbar.  

Ready to upgrade and experience the difference for yourself? 

To see if Windows 11 is ready for your device, go to Settings> Windows Update and select “Check for updates.” Happy browsing! 

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