To keep your computer running smoothly, you need the right drivers.

A driver, also known as a device driver or hardware driver, is a program designed to help your computer communicate with critical devices and hardware, like your graphics card, printer, or webcam. Your computer has multiple drivers, each with its own purpose.

Outdated drivers can cause a host of common problems, such as:

  • Poor or choppy video quality  
  • Distorted or intermittent computer audio
  • Unreliable webcam
  • Computer freezing
  • The dreaded ‘blue screen of death’

… and more.

Making sure your computer’s drivers are up to date is critical, but updating drivers yourself can be complex and risky. You need to know which drivers are out of date, installing the wrong drivers can lead to performance problems, and manually updating drivers can take time.

Fortunately, WinZip Driver Updater can handle all that for you.

WinZip Driver Updater identifies out-of-date drivers, installs the correct drivers, and even backs up drivers, just in case.

See how to update your drivers with WinZip Driver Updater:  

Video transcript:

If you’re running a PC, you know you’ve got to keep your drivers updated.  

Out of date drivers can impact your PC’s performance. For example, if you’ve had choppy YouTube videos, distorted or intermittent audio, an unreliable webcam, right through to system freezes, hangs, or the dreaded blue screen of death – this could be from out of date drivers.  

So what you need is a tool that checks and updates all your drivers for you at once from a massive database that includes the vast majority of manufacturers of PC hardware and software, which is exactly what WinZip’s Driver Updater does.  

Its free to download from the WinZip Driver Updater website – and once you’ve got it installed, just click the scan button.  

It checks all the different installed device drivers on your computer against the latest driver versions on WinZip’s database to see if what you’ve got is up to date. And you can see, I’ve got 18 out of date drivers.  Including my WiFi card – seriously?  Maybe that’s why my internet has been so slow recently… 

Anyway, I can click the info button to see how old each driver is – OK, my WiFi driver is only a couple of months out of date – then I can Update one driver at a time, and it downloads and installs the correct version automatically.  

And of course you might need to restart your computer to finish updating some drivers.  

Or, if I get the upgrade to the paid version, I can click Update All to jump all my drivers into the present tense at once with one button. I mean, how cool is that?  

Of course, drivers are important to how your system runs, so if you want to back them up before you update, just in case something goes wrong, just click Start Backup – you can back up everything at once, or just a specific driver or group of drivers. Like, I could backup just my audio drivers. Then if you notice any issues after you updated drivers, you can just revert back to how it was before, by using Start Restore, and select your Driver Backup List.  

With the registered version of WinZip Driver Updater, you can even schedule it to run, like, once a week, so you’re automatically getting told to put that fresh driver goodness on your system.   

Seriously, in this day and age, who needs out of date driver problems?  Get WinZip Driver Updater today, for free. Because once you’ve got it, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. 

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