WinZip Driver Updater improves and maximizes the stability of your PC with routine driver updates. WinZip Driver Updater identifies and replaces all the outdated and corrupt drivers present in your computer. So, it boosts the performance of your PC and enhances its reliability.

With regularly scheduled driver updates, you can be sure that your computer gets upgraded bug-fixes, new features, and improvements from the driver updates provided by the original manufacturer.

Manufacturers periodically release updates for the driver files which fixes known bugs or improves the performance. However, it might be difficult to keep track of all updates to ensure you have the updated drivers for every component. This is where WinZip Driver Updater proves to be useful. It automatically scans your computer, downloads the latest driver updates from the original manufacturers, and installs the updates in your computer. You can save a lot of time and money by simply using WinZip Driver Updater for your PC.

Why do I need WinZip Driver Updater?

WinZip Driver Updater is the best option out there for you. It automatically scans, identifies, and performs driver updates for you. It is more than just a driver updater.

In case you are wondering why you should use WinZip Driver Updater, here are a few reasons why it is the most preferred driver updater worldwide.

  1. Safeguard the Hardware to Ensure Maximum Performance

When a regular driver update is done, the system will receive upgraded bug fixes and other improvements from the driver updates of the manufacturer. By using WinZip Driver Updater, you can get automatic regular updates daily.

  1. Protects the System from Unreliable and Faulty Aftermarket Drivers

Installing outdated or erroneous drivers can seize the PC and place the system at risk. However, you don’t have to worry about it if you have WinZip Driver Updater. It will scan, identify and install the correct drivers for the system.

  1. WinZip Driver Updater Saves Time

It might take a lot of time to find out the outdated drivers in your PC. If you have WinZip Updater Installed, it can complete the entire driver update process in just a few minutes.

  1. Safe and Easy to Use

WinZip Driver Updater comes with all the safety features, such as restore wizard, automatic backups, exclusions, and scheduler for keeping your PC up to date and secured.

WinZip Driver Updater is a trusted and recommended solution used by industry experts.

Why Should I Update my Drivers?

It is crucial to ensure that the device drivers are properly updated. Not only does this keep the computer in good shape but will also save it from potential issues down the line. 

Not updating the device driver is a common cause of critical problems in a computer. Nevertheless, updating them manually can be a harrowing and tedious process. This causes many people to neglect driver updates.

However, here are a few reasons you should update the drivers. 

  1. Scary Looking Computer Problems

Some computer issues look much scarier than they actually are, and some of them are caused by the outdated drivers. 

The problems can vary, but they share common factors, and they can easily be solved by using WinZip Driver Updater. It automatically detects outdated drivers. So, it takes the hassle out of the process and ensures your computer is in good working condition. 

  1. Monitor Display Issue

Nothing is more frustrating than a monitor going black for no probable reason. One of the most common reasons behind this is outdated device drivers. If you have outdated drivers on the system, you might experience serious problems with the PC monitor. Mending these problems after they happen is much more difficult than preventing them from happening with a driver update.

  1. Mouse Not Being Detected

In case you experience the mouse not detected error while using a wired mouse, it might be because of an outdated driver. When specific drivers become outdated, it might impede essential functions on the system such as detecting the same mouse which you have been using for years.

  1. Webcam Issues 

Issues with webcam, particularly on Windows 10, can also be caused by outdated drivers. Webcams are a crucial feature of a computer and can facilitate incredible experience through Zoom, Skype, etc. If you have a dysfunctional webcam, it can be frustrating, especially when you need the webcam to work. Video calls have become a trend. So, it is imperative to have a webcam that functions properly. To ensure that you don’t run into any problem, keep your drivers up to date. 

  1. Peace of Mind

Another primary advantage of keeping drivers updated is having the peace of mind that you have a secure machine. When you have an outdated driver, it can be a security risk and will make your computer vulnerable to malicious software and hackers. An outdated driver can be a serious weakness that a hacker can readily exploit. 

Drivers are generally fairly secure when it is first released and after it has been updated. However, after a while, hackers can easily catch-up to the weaknesses that might be present in the software code. Thus, they start prodding at them. After a while, cybercriminals and hackers discover enough weaknesses to use them to hack the machine. If this happens, the PC might be at risk. So, it is absolutely important that you keep the drivers routinely updated. 

Can I try WinZip Driver Updater for Free?

The good thing is, you can download the WinZip Driver Updater trial version for free. The free version lets you perform a full system scan to find out if there are any driver updates for the computer. This lets you try out the software first-hand before purchasing it. It gives you the ability to to download and update one driver at a time for free.

You can also use the registered version of WinZip Driver Updater to get complete access to all the features it has to offer. With the registered version, you can update all the drivers together with a  single click.


With WinZip Driver Updater, you don’t have to worry about your drivers being obsolete or containing spyware or malware. The software ensures that you are getting optimum performance from the PC. It can easily and quickly update all your PC drivers. 

If you want to learn more about the WinZip Driver Updater, you can refer to the FAQ page of WinZip Driver Updater

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