Remove Ads on Edge

Remove Ads on Microsoft Edge Browser:

Annoying, intrusive and interrupting pop-up ad messages when using your Microsoft Edge browser will cause a lot of frustration. These advertising messages put online advertising a bad image.

We would not even exist at all if not for these intrusive messages. These ads are like a stalker and we’re here to protect you.

We’ve Created an Ad Remover that will Block these Ads for you.

If you are bothered with pop-up ad messages when using your Edge browser, please see the steps below to block these ads.

1. Get Ad Blocker for Edge

Remove Ads on Edge

2. Click the Get button

Remove Ads on Edge

3. A new window will appear, select the Add extension

There you go, you have Remove Ads on Edge, a more comfortable browsing experience!

Do you know that not only do we Remove Ads on your Edge but, also block tracking cookies?

A tracking cookie collects data from a user such as your activity on a website, browsing history, purchases, geographic location and more. – We Are Here to Guard You!

To Know More about how AdRemover works for you, Visit Us!

Have a safe and peaceful browsing,

Chris and the WinZip Team

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