If you are experiencing Facebook video issues. Here are the steps to resolve the issue provided below.

I know. Very frustrating, right? You’re not alone, other users also experience issues like this.

I’ve got the magic fixes for you!

Let’s start with the easiest one.

Step 1: Relaunch your browser

Common browser issues can be fixed by relaunching your browser.

Before you proceed, please make sure to save important data and links.

To continue, select the exit button on your browser. Hover on your desktop and reopen your browser.

Step 2: Get the latest updates

If you have not been able to update your browser recently, chances are you will encounter this issue.

Browser vendors release updates regularly to fix minor and major bugs of the program. Thus, updating your browser can resolve this issue.

You can update your browser by going to its Settings and select the appropriate option to get it updated.

Here are helpful links for you:

Step 3: Clear Data and Cache

The browser cache is a temporary storage place on your system. It stores data and files from sites you visit.

This place needs some emptying sometimes to avoid confusion.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete on your keyboard and you’ll see new windows appear on your screen. Follow the on-screen instructions, select data, and cache to continue.

Step 4: Reinstall your browser

If you are unable to resolve the issue after updating your browser or unable to run the update itself. You might need to reinstall your browser, this will replace old and corrupted data of the program.

To uninstall your browser:

  1. Please go to your Start and on search type:
  2. Select the top result
  3. You should be able to see a new window
  4. Under Programs and Features, find your browser
  5. Right-click your browser and select Uninstall

You can get the latest version of your browser by visiting your browser’s vendor site.

Step 5: Update your Drivers

If none of the solutions above helps you resolve the issue. It might be time for you to consider updating your device drivers. Having outdated drivers on your system causes system crashes and issues such as this.

We have a perfect program for you!

WinZip Driver Updater – the program will help you find outdated and missing drivers on your system. The program will deliver the correct and updated drivers from the original manufacturers straight to your computer.

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